Flex Health is a flexible workforce management company

We help hospitals more efficiently manage their flexible labor by using innovative technology to positively impact labor costs, reduce employee turnover and improve quality of care

Reduce labor costs

We help you reduce your reliance on external staffing agencies in favor of your own internal variable labor sources.

Improve retention of existing professionals

Our technology and services combine to deliver a multi-faceted approach impacting employee morale, professional development and flexibility in benefits.

Increase quality & consistency of care

Research shows that consistency in clinical staffing has a direct impact on quality of care and positive patient experience.

Why Flex Health

We’re at the beginning of the next great nurse shortage: many hospitals nationwide are experiencing 30%+ vacancy rates. The shortage is driven by a retirement wave and, according to Moody's, is expected to continue for another 3-4 years.

Flex Health offers hospitals management of and access to flexible nursing labor at a lower cost and without sacrificing continuity of care. Our platform achieves this by linking flex pool nurses across geographies and connecting hospitals with flex pool labor able to fill their requirements. By seamlessly integrating with hospitals’ existing workforce management software and financial/resource management systems Flex delivers a complete solution without the need to replace existing technology.

What we do

Agency management (MSP)

Managing supplier agencies to ease the burden on administrators, reduce cost and compliance risk and increase the quality of professionals.


The combination of our own pool of high quality professionals with our technology-driven approach generates savings that we can pass on to your organization.

Flex Pool Management

Technology-driven management of your pools of variable employees (flex pools, PRNs). This includes growth and optimization to more effectively meet internal needs.

Talent Management

Performance ratings systems and targeted education programs that ensure your talent is continually engaged and developing.


We bring together best of breed technologies touching all aspects of the recruitment process to find the right candidates for your organization

Workforce optimization

Real-time access to data-driven reporting & insights that lead to proactive identification of needs and more effective matching of resources.

  • Organization-wide management of external (contract and per diem) and internal (flex pool and PRN) variable resources
  • 24/7/365 admin support with single point of contact
  • Technology-driven recruiting, credentialing, ordering, scheduling, deployment, time-keeping, billing & complianceof variable resources
  • Proactive identification of needs, more effective matching to resources
  • Real-time access to data-driven reporting & insights

How we work

At the core of Flex Health’s business is a risk-sharing model that aligns our interests with yours and ensures we are focused on what matters; the reduction of overall labor costs and increase in employee retention.